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Join the team

We are always on the lookout for superstar builders and tradesmen to join our team.

To join our team you must share the same ethic and philosophy:

  • Integrity
    • You must have a very high regard for personal integrity. If you make a promise you must always deliver; only make agreements if you know you intend and are will to keep.
    • You must always have the courage to speak the truth and be willing to defend your position. On this same note, you must be willing to listen to other points of view and have the flexibility and openness to communicate the right way.
  • Commitment
    • You must be committed to your personal and professional growth both within and outside of the company.
    • We will be committed to you and help you advance your skills and pursuits, but you must also be committed to the company, your colleagues, and clients helping them achieve their goals.
  • Excellence
    • You will always strive for excellence in your work. Second best is never acceptable in the work you do, or of those you are responsible for.
    • You will always deliver the best service of exceptional quality for the long-term.
    • You are always open to feedback and improvement.
  • Strong Work Ethic
    • You will always ask more of yourself in every undertaking; asking yourself “How can I do this better this time, what have I learnt?”
    • You understand the laws of cause and effect and constantly strive to beat your best.
    • You are always looking to improve your standards and respect yourself for the effort you put in and results you achieve.
  • Communication
    • You always speak positively about your team members, clients and the company in public and private.
    • You know there are positive and negative ways to communicate the same information. Using positive and empowering language is the best way to reinforce and further the culture we have cultivated here at Built to Last.
    • You understand that what someone is saying is true to them at the time of saying it and you shouldn’t never invalidate it.
    • You are quick to apologise and seek a solution to the problem.
  • Balance
    • You aim to lead a balanced lifestyle in everything professional, financial, intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and family.
    • You prioritise your most important tasks to finish first, so you have quality time to pursue other goals.
  • Consistency
    • You are consistent in all your actions which enables your clients and team to feel comfortable dealing with you always.
  • Fun
    • You view your life as something to enjoy and appreciate, so you aim to maintain an atmosphere of fun and happiness in your endeavours.
  • Systems
    • You look to system solutions before people solutions. You suggest improvements to the system whenever necessary.
  • Education
    • You educate your clients and team to let them make their own decisions, using intelligence and looking to the future.
    • You continually lear and grown, mastering what you undertake.
  • Responsibility
    • You know that you are fully responsible for all your actions and for the future outcome of those actions.
    • You know you are accountable for all results that come from your activities.
  • Team Work
    • You have the ambition to be a team leader, but you are also a team player.
    • You do what it takes to work as a team and achieve the goals of the team.
    • You don’t compromise, but focus on cooperation.
    • You are flexible in that you can change your mind if what you are doing isn’t working.
  • Gratitude
    • You say “thank you” often and in different ways to show others that you appreciate them.
    • You always acknowledge when you and others do things right


If you feel you embody the philosophy we hold here at Built to Last, please don’t hesitate to call Brian on 0404 078 721 or email through brian@builttolast.com.au to discuss employment and partnership possibilities.